How to make your own wedding dress?

I started to make this wedding dress in December last year. I was too slow and busy at work. I had no experience in wedding dress

It took me at least two months to complete it. Wedding dresses are completely different from ordinary ready-to-wear clothes. The fabric wasn't chosen in the first place, Wave

It costs a lot of money. I compare drab, like small and pure and fresh foot, did not use bud silk so, want to pile up with one layer gauze, do next

Point manual, advanced custom is not all manual order go up! How tall! I'm really tired! Let's go ahead and draw it! Start with the wipe

Vertical cutting, to add chest pad, inside do not leak burr, put fish bone, so that it will not fall down, also more style, but I won't ah

Inside piled layers of yarn hold up, no skirt, feel low, up and down when sewing, household sewing machine

Too small, too big and too voluminous, too much effort! At this time has already had the pattern, and bought a lot of drill, car bone lace, a piece of hand-sewed, actually can buy lace fabric

Car bone lace feels very hard, but I bought a lot of it early on and never changed it. Did not sew a few drill fingers have broken off, originally was to be full of drill, then a little layer gradually, shiny. The result is this sparse

Wide shoulders or thick arms with a lapel neck are a good choice.

Choose your smallest waist

The back should be v-shaped, slim and sexy, depending on your preference.

Before cutting the fabric, ironing, ironing to see whether there are stains damaged fabrics and other bad problems, in case of the bad problems found after cutting the early work done in vain. Iron it and cut it to save as much material as possible.

When the sewing was finished, the work was nearly finished. All that's left is hand-sewn lace and beads and stuff...



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