Bird's nest manufacture in vietnam

We are the Supplier, Exporter from Viet Nam. We need to find the quality buyer for selling Bird’s Nest from Viet Nam

Packaging: 100 gram / plastic box, 200 gram / plastic box, 500 gram / plastic box, etc. at importer’s requirement

Wanted buyers: from all countries. If you are interested in our products, please send an inquiry detailing your needs regarding your desired price, packaging, quantity, trade term and other special requirements (of any).

Edible bird’s nests are bird nests made by swiftlets using their own solidified saliva. Bird’s nest is well known for its high nutritional values and unique flavour.Bird’s nest is suitable for any age and is particularly good for growing children, pregnant women and elderly. Bird’s nest does not only provide extra important supplements but also for maintaining beauty and increasing immune system.

Knowing the importance of bird’s nest, we aim to provide the best, genuine and high quality edible bird’s nest to satisfy our customer’s needs. We do from small quantity to big quantity.


My Vietnam Company:Hiresun International Industry  Company Limited

My China Phone/wechat:+8613073809053

My vietnam Phone/whatsapp:+840981453933 ,+840586266187

address1:7 quan,HoChiMinh City 

address2:Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park Thuan An Ward,Binh Duong Province Vietnam

Some my Chinese friends set up factories in Vietnam

This is cashew manufacture in vietnam.

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Bird's nest manufacture in vietnam

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