vietnam rattan wholesale

When furniture of willow of choose and buy, should choose appearance decorous, frame is even, leg ministry falls stable, mortise and tenon is firm, turn place radian and height accord with the structure of human body, arrange even, willow color is clean

White, no mildew spot, no breakage, the front of the nail head is better.

vietnam rattan wholesale

Relax, comfortable, cool and refreshing, it is the sense that cane implement gives a person, cane product besides owning natural breath, compared to other furniture added the exquisite that a braid and artistic enjoy. So the rattan ware is getting more and more

The more people like it. Many people only know rattan ware is good, also very chic, but the kind of rattan ware and rattan maintenance but very few people know. Vine is a solid, tough, flexible vine used for weaving

vietnam rattan wholesale

The main members of The family are Takito, Baitou and Akito. Bamboo rattan is often used to weave furniture and implements of a kind of rattan, called Agate rattan, it is also known as the "king of rattan", which is the most expensive

The best cane

Cane is a kind of natural material, compacted and firm, light and tough, not afraid of squeeze, not afraid of pressure, pliable and elastic. The rattan art furniture that people loves now, its make craft basically with bamboo rattan bend and become. more

vietnam rattan wholesale

With "drum", "empty", "fold", "qu" and "arc" and other techniques, or with a variety of weaving techniques and weaving skills to form different patterns. Changed the past rough, rough framework, will

Cane makes all sorts of chic and graceful furniture, small arrive box, lamps and lanterns, big arrive bed, table, sofa to wait.

The sitting room furniture that cany makes is the most perfect in cany art furniture, have a style most. A set of beautiful and comfortable living room furniture, woven with rattan core, is soft, delicate and fluent, and strives for simplicity in shape and color.


To show the beauty of the craft; Dining-room furniture pays attention to the collocation of structure and colour, the chair that makes with thick cane, table is rich times breath, the feeling that gives a person is firm and fruity, move also very convenient

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