vietnam wholesale baby clothes

I think it mainly depends on your baby's skin, because if you are very sensitive because then you are allergic to all of them

Climbing pants, pull pants like underwear that look to wear, more suitable for the baby to learn to walk to wear, especially when going out, more convenient

vietnam wholesale baby clothes

This jumpsuit lively and active baby wear the most appropriate, especially to practice crawling baby, in the winter, wearing other clothes is easy to expose the belly, frozen, put on this onesie is not afraid

Bottom buttonhole and buttonhole position (5 stitches per stitch, 3 rows of 5 stitches per stitch, buttons and buttonholes are finished.) Both sides should be the same. Buttons and buttonholes

vietnam wholesale baby clothes

Pattern weaving (you can also choose your favorite pattern) square part; Seven stitches weaving ten rows of needle change, the interstitial needle part is the Albanian needle weaving; The pattern adds up to five needles on both sides


Divide the sleeve part into two parts, without adding or reducing, and weave to 18CM. The front piece is woven to 10CM to keep the collar socket, while the back piece leaves no collar socket (two or three lines are ok if you want to keep the collar socket).

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