vietnam apparel wholesale

Every girl must have such an idea is to pull their handsome boyfriend out to show others, they will feel very proud, very proud, so

Make your boyfriend look handsome. How can you do without a hoodie? Boys wear casual clothes, so hoodies are the most appropriate.

vietnam apparel wholesale

When it is cold, how can a hoodie be matched with a coat? It is very good. It will not destroy the overall style and is fashionable enough

The easiest thing for guys to wear in winter is a hoodie with a down jacket or a sweater with a down jacket, a warm pair of pants with casual sweatpants or jeans

Boys wear windbreaker is the most handsome time, a long style windbreaker, open to wear, walk with the feeling of wind, can be good to enhance the temperament, show the charm of men.

vietnam apparel wholesale

1. Original and simple pure cotton hoodie. Pure cotton and velvet hoodie fabric, thick and textured clothing, label as decoration, rib hem with adjustable elastic button, sleeve pocket design into the drift

Take element, reflect vogue in detail.

2. Black-gray printed hoodies for couples. The style of the design is simple and fashionable, the choice of high-quality cashmere fabrics, soft feel, comfortable wearing warm, the chest cartoon glasses dog printing pattern, highlights the cartoon feeling, very

Age reduction, in detail the tailoring is very precise, quality.

3. Hong Kong-style retro hoodies for lovers. A stylish hoodie with a neat, eye-catching drawstring design and embroidered elements embellished with classic kangaroo pockets, front lettering and sleeves

The stripe element of the body, break the drab feeling of hoodie

vietnam apparel wholesale

4. Collared and spliced hoodies of Korean version. It adopts the fashionable stitching design and matches the three colors of white, navy and dark green, which is not only harmonious but also fashionable. The fabric of the clothes is made of velvet and feels like it


Feel good, upper body skin soft and warm.

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