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Non-stick pot cleaning convenient, can reduce the amount of oil, heat dissipation is good, food is not easy to burn, good for human health, solid very popular among consumers. But its quality is different because of coating and pot body material

Some differences, should pay attention to the purchase. How to choose non-stick pan and quality identification? Here to speak for you in detail, I hope to help you!

How to choose non-stick pan and quality identification

vietnam pots wholesale

Generally speaking, if make normal, new generation coating is better than old generation coating performance.

The choice of pot material

Non-stick pot pot body material has iron, aluminum, stainless steel and alloy steel, etc.

vietnam pots wholesale

1, iron products are pig iron and wrought-iron two. Pig iron products are cast, thick and heavy, but the heat capacity is large, not easy to overheat; Wrought-iron products are thinner and have smaller heat capacity. Both are easy to rust and easy to be covered

The disadvantage of acid - base corrosion, so the life is short.

2. The advantages of aluminum products are light weight and fast heat conduction, while the disadvantages are that they will have chemical effects with foods with strong acidity and alkalinity, which will shorten the service life and make the oxidation products make people

Feeling impure.

3, stainless steel products have acid and alkali resistance, not rust, high temperature resistance, not easy to oxidation, long service life, but the price is more expensive.

4, alloy products generally have stainless steel


The performance of, but the price is higher, and contains some elements which are not good for health.

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