vietnam pyjamas wholesale

Choose cotton pajamas which are soft, close-fitting and breathable. Pajama bogey bright color, light color has a peaceful sleep calming effect; Be fat enough, not too small or just right, easy to wear, easy to take off

vietnam pyjamas wholesale

Pajamas are not home wear. Don't be too thick in winter

Pyjamas cannot be confused with domestic clothes, otherwise it is easy to be infected with lampblack, dust and bacteria, it is conceivable that wearing such pyjamas can give sleep and health how much impact

vietnam pyjamas wholesale

Too thick pyjamas are less breathable, which prevents the skin from breathing properly and evaporating sweat. They are not warm enough and can make your sleep worse.

Pajama color should be light material preferred cotton

The color of quietly elegant such as pink, light green and cream-colored, more beneficial morpheus;

Cotton pajamas are good in moisture absorption, soft and breathable, not easy to irritate the skin, and more comfortable and safe to wear close to the skin.

Split pajamas are easier to wear and looser in size

Split style pajamas are a good choice in winter, which is not only comfortable to wear, but also easy to move around.


In terms of size, it is better to be relatively loose, so there will be no sense of restraint when you wear to sleep

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