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Since the rise of Islam, the headscarf has been accompanying the daily life of Muslim women. Muslim scholars throughout the ages have formulated a series of laws and regulations on women according to the headscarf, and various kinds of headscarves have been extended

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A standardized

Muslim women's way of life, and even regulate the entire Muslim society. When the world entered the period of modernization, under the influence of the western concept of modernization, the old way of life and social system were affected

The challenge. Many Islamic countries have opted for headscarf bans. In fact, the idea of liberating women by removing the headscarf has not borne the same fruit in Islam as in the West. scarf

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The westernization, nationalization, secularization and other ideas have not brought real benefits to Islamic countries and Muslims. The loss of traditional culture, family

As problems of national crisis and moral alienation emerged, Islamist revivalists argued that westernization offered no hope for the nation, but only a return to true Islam. Hood again


A secondary concern, it is believed to have the function of maintaining morality and faith and integrating the Muslim community

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